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Memjet Urban power module

Technical details:
The Memjet Urban has been developed to meet the needs of scooter users who are looking to get the best possible performance from their vehicles.
The Memjet Urban is connected to the latest generation of lambda probes where it reads the signal, elaborates it and sends the information to the ECU which in turn varies the injection times.

The Memjet Urban does not require any modifications to be made to the fitting of the lambda probe on the exhaust and all the normal heating functions are maintained.
This helps to avoid all of the usual problems which can be found if the lambda probe is eliminated and removed.
The Memjet Urban will also intuitively manage the carburetion of the scooter which is easily achieved using the modules's adjustment dial. This in return will help you to avoid having to use specialist mapping and will save you money in the process.
By using the stock electronics you will always be able to get the best from your scooter as there is currently nothing in commercial sale which is more perfect as the stock electronics have been developed by the manufacturer for each specific model of motorcycle.

The Memjet Urban has a setting range which can be adjusted from 0 to 10;
By setting the module to zero (i.e. completely turned to the left) you will have the normal unmodified standard bike setting. If you then gradually turn the dial to a higher number, you will start to make changes which increase the stoichiometric ratio.
As the stoichiometric ratio is increased it will give your scooter more power in the lower revs and will work through the revs more quickly covering over the empty non intentional power distribution.

The Memjet Urban is the continued evolution of our existing Memjet Evo module and this new model has been specifically studied for the scooter world.
It is also underlined that the measurement of optimisation is now defined in terms of exhaust emissions and noise and not the performance.
The installation of the module is completely reversible and your bike can be returned to it's original setup in just a few minutes.

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